The best candidates are
Passive Self Starters
who attend Events!

We promote your jobs to this untapped talent pool!

“85% of hires made in 2021 were through networking and 80% of people attend events to learn and network” - Apollo Technical

Recorem's reach since July 2022


80K Visits in 90 days


89% passive talent


560+ qualified candidates


200+ web3 jobs


15 events

What we offer


Qualified Candidates

Our AI matching engine ensures only the best candidates with the right skills qualify to apply for your jobs.


The Right Visibility

Your jobs are advertised at scale in relevant professional web3 webinars, conferences and meetups where the best candidates hang out. These are NOT Job Fairs.


Affordable Hiring

Save 25% on your Cost per Application by reviewing applicants within 72 hrs.


Agile Teamwork

Invite your crew: Hiring managers, Recruiters & leads to collaborate and review applicants efficiently using our smart resume viewer.


Increased Offer Acceptance

60% of candidates get multiple offers. Step up your game by offering them a joining bonus seamlessly using our automated follow up system.


Branding that sells

Your job description on Recorem is engineered to convey what the perfect candidate needs to know. Our inbuilt chat helps you interact with your future employees during and after the event.



Prajwal Moore

Smart Contract Auditor, QuillAudits

The changes Recorem is trying to bring into the job industry is very good.

Alec Wantoch

C.E.O, Valist

The combination of events and recruting is an extremenly insightful thing. Really great way to find opportunities. I am very much looking forward to future events. We deifnitely want to bring some of our hackathon stuff here, It was fun.

Leo Hilse

Founder, STYLE Protocol

I think what you guys are doing is very cool. Sharing information and education in such a young market is crucial. Offering recruiters with such talent is also very valuable. I am watching the recorem development very closely.