What is Recorem?

Utilize Events to Explore Job Opportunities, Growth & Results

Our unique web application is specially designed for Companies to discover talent and Job Seekers find opportunities at events. Our digital platform seamlessly links the right resources and job opportunities during live events.

What is a specialized gathering?

At Recorem, we believe in delivering job discovery at gatherings that are tailored for your skills and interests. These events have a specific agenda so that the event’s attendees and companies find exactly what they are looking for. An opportunity for you to educate, promote and specialize yourself at a career-oriented gathering focused on the industry and trade of your choice! These gatherings cater to a particular domain. Thus, more opportunities and events, tuned, especially for your skill-set.

Whether you are a java junkie, a cardiologist, or a microeconomics enthusiast, Recorem has got you covered through these specialized gatherings. Our services cover specific industry-related events. Skip the hassle of finding your footing at umbrella events and directly recruit, monetize and upskill at these specialized gatherings.

Who are you?

Whether you are an event organizer, a job seeker or an experienced recruiter, Recorem provides a unique experience that you will absolutely love!

Job seeker

Attend specialized gatherings to learn, upskill and land your dream job. Empower yourself to achieve more from Recorem’s 72-hour guaranteed feedback.

Hiring Company

Find the next candidate by utilizing our matching engine that pre-qualifies and ranks relevant resumes. Our smart resume viewer and interview scheduling calendar will simplify the screening process.


Monetize virtual, hybrid and physical gatherings easily by delivering additional value for your attendees. Integrate Recorem in your events for free to increase revenue, attendee engagement and turnout.

How it Works?

Job Seeker
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