Do you manage a community or host Web3.0 events?

Become a ‘Recorem Event Partner’ (REP) to earn $500 to $10k+ USDC per event starting Dec 7th. We’re onboarding the first 30 partners for our launch.

Recorem brings a portion of the multi-billion dollar recruitment industry to the event sector using a platform that scales the distribution of jobs in events and pays the community and the organizer 70% of the Job Ads revenue. Our unique democratic job board can seamlessly integrate into any event/community without detracting from the objective.

Displaying job opportunities in webinars, conferences, or meetups that appeal to the target audience boosts attendance, engagement and generates revenue for the community.

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Our Event Partners


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We believe there is a massive untapped talent pool among the attendees of your events. We aggregate and advertise Web3.0 jobs in your events and share 35% of the Job Ads revenue received for each application with you.


Reward Your Community

Give your audience an extra reason to attend your events regularly. Your attendees also get 35% of the Job Ads revenue every time they qualify & apply for a job through your event.


Increase turnout

Use our smart contract to gamify your attendee registration. Charge registrants $1 USDC for RSVP and auto refund the stake to all attendees. If someone doesn’t show up, their stake goes to everyone who attended.


Reach more Audience

Our survey suggests only 30% (3 out of 10 techies) attend events due to a lack of awareness or motivation. Recorem will promote your events to the right target audience in our marketplace and attract more registrations using jobs.


Create Brand Ambassadors

List your events on Recorem to provide your attendees with a POAP NFT. When your attendees display these unique badges on their resumes & social media, they become your brand ambassadors.

This is what we did this summer

80K Visits in 90 days

200+ web3 jobs

15 events

68.38% increase in engagement

8+ onboarded Recorem Event Partners

We observed that 63% of the attendees had never actively attended events or engaged in communities, and the jobs motivated them to attend more events. We had to ensure the advertised jobs matched the best talent among the attendees, but most qualified candidates were passive and didn't actively apply. For companies to promote jobs consistently, they had to get the best results; we got to activate the passive talent among the attendees.



Zachary Pelkey

C.T.O, Valist

It was amazing, I loved the platform, I loved the community, I loved everything you guys are doing. I love the idea of earning NFTs through Recorem. Shoutout to Recorem. Beginning of something great. Thank you so much for having me.

Akshit Gupta

Fullstack MERN Developer, Huddle01

It was an amazing experience . Testing out the flash contract live was informative for me as well and I learnt a lot myself. Recorem is definitely doing a great job and I’m sure our partnership will go a long way. Looking forward to collaborating on more projects in the future.

Shalu Panwar

Co-Founder, Trikl

It was a great experience . In fact, I got to learn a lot myself by answering the questions. I really enjoyed being on this platform. Best 1 hour spent in the day. I would like to thank Recorem for having me on this session. This was my first 101 session and I enjoyed it throughout.

Alexander Coles

Design Consultant, Machinations

I really enjoyed this. As I was explaining the topics, I refined my knowledge as well. Although I just started working with Team Recorem, it was a very smooth event .