Ways to grab a job in web3!

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Web3 is still very new. The area is still developing, and numerous businesses arrive and go every day. This blog explain you, what are the possible ways to get job in Web3


Technology has given options to millions of people who previously had few, allowing them to select how they make a living. When it comes to how individuals make money and occupies their time, Web3 is disobeying all the norms. As Web3 draws the brightest minds, it will undoubtedly have a massive effect as they build an internet beyond anything we’ve ever imagined, making a decentralized web, the default operating system for the entire planet.

Web3 is still very new. The area is still developing, and numerous businesses arrive and go every day. The magical word, in web3 is, networking.

So, what are the possible ways to get job in Web3?

Become an Intern

The quickest method to determine whether you enjoy a field is to intern in it. For students who want to learn about Web3 and gain some experience, this is possibly the best choice.

Join a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

There’s a variety of DAOs that you can join – social DAOs, protocol DAOs, NFT gated DAOs/communities, investment DAOs, and more. It can be an excellent approach to get started and establish your reputation to join that DAO. Many DAOs include different working groups for a variety of people, including Sushi, Rarible, Index Coop, and Yearn, among others.

Learn the fundamentals

You don’t need to be an expert; simply master the fundamentals.

Get Involved

Try signing up for conferences, gatherings, and events that are happening worldwide related to web3. If you do some research, you can probably go to your first meetup tonight.

Join Communities

You can get your foot in the door and start building a name for yourself by joining communities on Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and Twitter. The laws of networking have changed, therefore don’t be shocked if you receive a job offer if you can contribute as an advocate on a protocol’s social media channels. You can join the Recorem Community in Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit as it can be a great way to get some experience, build your resume, and create connections in the web3 world.

Joining Events

Attending a gathering could make it easier to comprehend what everyone is referring about (e.g., Web3, NFTs and more). Gaining knowledge from a panel of Web3 experts might be quite beneficial. Questions can be answered by a panel of experts by attending events about why blockchain, smart contracts, and NFTs matter to your business.

So, who are preferred for Web3?

Each one of you are preferred! Web3 needs more talent in different arenas.

Financial Experts

Web3 is in high demand among economists, analysts, former bankers, and investment experts. More talented mathematicians are required to build the foundation of the Web3 economy.


People are quitting technical positions from Google, Microsoft, and Facebook (Meta) to join Web3 companies where they can truly shape the product and create systems that have never been seen before.

Designers & Marketers

Perhaps more than anything else, Web3 needs individuals who can convey its message in a way that will be more readily understood and embraced. To improve UI and UX overall and convey the proper message to consumers, marketers and designers are urgently looked for.

Business developers and salespeople

Partnerships are crucial in Web 3. To create ecosystems and achieve these organizations’ objectives, projects must be linked together by sales teams and business developers.

Legal & Compliance Officer

Additionally, Web3 is looking for a legal and compliance officer to track the system’s evolving regulations. Web3 is searching for people who develop and alter service agreements for clients and are actively involved in making sure that the agreements are updated and carried out on time regularly.

Other Specializations

Artists, journalists, recruiters, data center managers, and any individual who is interested to explore, Web3 welcomes you!

In general, getting a job in web3 isn’t difficult. Having creativity and making relevant efforts to gain knowledge about web3 will help you stand out in the interview!