Building a Web3 Community is the need of the hour!

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The community plays a vital role in the Web3 world. Continue to read to learn about how building a Web3 community becomes a key to the success of web3 projects. Also, know how different types of social media platforms help in web3 community building.


Do you crave to feel belonged? Are you looking for connection and fun? Would you like to learn about tips to build a community that will bring more meaning into your life? If yes, then this is the community you should look for – Web3 Community!

Web3 community members act as a viral marketing machine accelerating the growth of the community. Do you know how DAOs, NFT projects, decentralized marketplaces and defi protocols are successful? These blockchains all are powered by engaged communities. These communities drive real connections and also extend opportunity to be part of their ideas. Building a community is the key for the success of any projects. But for web3 it is vital.

Types of social media platform for community building:

Twitter, Discord, Reddit and Telegram are the best social media and communication channels for web3 communities. These are, unsurprisingly, the four most popular social networks among web3 communities.


Web3 communities use a public facing platform such as Twitter to communicate their vision, share announcements, and attract new members. The purpose of communication on this channel is to generate interest and entice people to join the community’s primary platform, such as Discord.


Discord enables community managers to create an efficient, organised communication structure. Automated messages and other tools can be used to make the experience of new users in the space more efficient. The sooner a new user begins to interact with others in the space, the more likely they are to stay and contribute to the community. Discord also allows you to broadcast transmissions, and its feature set is constantly expanding. It’s one of the most comprehensive platforms on the market. The app can also be used to send notifications and sticky notes to your web3 community.


Reddit provides quality information in one spot. Users on Reddit can post content about their specific niche. Reddit has an up voting system that aids in the promotion of posts. 


Telegram is also one of the powerful tools for building communities. Telegram is a tool for broadcasting public messages to large audiences.  Telegram channels can have an unlimited number of subscribers, making it the ideal tool for publishing news, announcements, and project milestones without the noise of debates, feedback, and off-topic discussions. Members cannot post, reply, or send anything in channels, which keeps the timeline tidy and free of clutter.

Use these fantastic tools for engaging and managing your community as all of these platforms complement one another and work well together for better!

Top 5 things to do for community building

Effective Story Telling

Effective storytelling brings Web3 communities to life. The story depicts what the community could accomplish together and what problems it could solve. The story breathes life into the project and attracts people who share its stated mission. ‘NFT projects are the ideal marriage of storytelling and community building.” If a team can tell a story that connects with even a small group of people, a community can form quickly around that story.


Many successful web3 communities have a dedicated channel for community-sourced memes. Memes are community-building catalysts in an attention-span-challenged world. The process of creating them fosters strong bonds among community members. Their ability to go viral on social media makes them a powerful tool for community growth.


Web3 communities are transparent by default. Users have easy access to all information, such as team member backgrounds, whitepapers, roadmaps, and product developments, so they can do their due diligence and feel confident that the team is on the right track. Transparency can help your community grow and build trust among your users.

Community Participation

Building an engaged Web3 community necessitates the development of a framework that allows community members to actively make a significant contribution to the project. DAOs are one of the most effective ways for projects to encourage community participation. This allows members of the community to submit and vote on proposals to move the project forward. Ownership of DAO governance tokens also allows the community to profit financially from the project’s success.

Events for community building

The value of the company will gradually increase as the community built around it grows in size. Hosting online events can help to build such a community. With a single click, online events can have a global reach and bring together the most diverse groups of people. Online events not only allow clients to reach larger and more diverse audiences, but they also allow them to generate more financial profit than in-person events. When events are hosted online, there are numerous ways to monetize your event, ranging from charging a small fee for tickets, promoting and selling your products and services from the registration stage or exhibition booths, to adding short advertisements that promote your sponsors.

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